Shalom and welcome to SpeakWith!
Here you will learn and improve
your conversational Hebrew.

Private lessons
30 minutes - from anywhere at any time.

We all know that practicing frequently is key to progress. But practicing a new language is not always easy.

SpeakWith is here to make it not only easy, but fun,  simple and effective. 

We offer private online lessons with a supportive and professional tutor.

30-minute Skype lessons from home, your office or anywhere you wish. When? Just choose a slot that is best for you.

We will focus on conversation skills, building confidence, and working our way into fluency according to your personal level and needs.

Yalla, let's "Likfots LaMaim"!
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*Likfots LaMaim לקפוץ למים = to jump into the water (go for it, jump right into it)

1-on-1 Hebrew Lesson

or as part of your plan

Ready to "Litslol LaOmek" and take your
Hebrew to the next level?
Go for a 10 lesson plan.

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*Litslol LaOmek לצלול לעומק = to dive deep

After purchasing your plan, easily schedule each lesson through the "Book It" button above.

Who are we?

We are devoted and proud Hebrew teachers.
Our passion is supporting learning processes, through one-on-one positive interactions. We are native Hebrew speakers and in love with the language.

In addition to teaching Hebrew, Ofir manages SpeakWith, and is also Nila's mom. Efrat is also an artist and a photographer. 

We believe you need to take chances and be willing to make mistakes in order to learn a new language, and we are all about creating a safe space for that. We also understand the importance of frequent practice and engaging in natural conversation as much as possible.

Our goal is helping you improve your conversation skills and build confidence in speaking.
We we learn step by step, according to your personal pace, level and needs, and gradually guide you (and speak your way) into fluency. 
Yalla, we can't wait to SpeakWith you!


Ofir - אופיר

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Efrat - אפרת